About me


In this section and nowhere else on this website, you will get classical information about any musical stations in my life. From my point of view, you don’t get to know a person if you know when he or she started singing, when he or she was in the first band and what name it had and where you could see and hear that band playing everywhere.

It is important to me that you get to know ME while looking at this site, reading these lyrics and listening to my music. What moves me, what music in general and singing in particular, means to me, which, extremely, emotional and in retrospect, also very courageous, path has brought me here, to this, my new Internet presence.

Pearl is the singer

A few years ago, my father once said to me, “Pearl is the singer.” And I didn’t understand what he meant by that for a long time. Until now. Because what you see and hear on these pages – that’s me! All of this represents the woman I am today. The woman who left some time ago to free herself from old shackles, thereby gaining true freedom and following her true destiny. And then I suddenly understood what my father wanted to tell me back then: New me, new name. Despite everything, I don’t want to miss my past, because it has made me the person I am today and for that I am very grateful.

When I think back to my childhood and youth, the positive memories almost all have to do with music somehow: My religion teacher, who discovered my talent when I was nine. I can still see myself standing in front of her today, along with my mother, and hear her say, “Please encourage this child!” I was so incredibly proud at that moment.

My insatiable dream

This then gave rise to my insatiable dream of becoming a successful singer, standing on the stages of the world with her own songs and touching everyone’s heart with her voice. brings a smile to your face or joy to your heart for a few minutes or hours. Then my singing teacher, also such a very special woman! In the 50’s she had sung the demos for Marlene Dietrich and she could truly make glasses burst with her voice!

And, sure, there were not only good times. But as many ups and downs as there may have been in my life, music has always been there for me. Especially when everyone else had turned away. When my mother scolded or was angry with me, I lay down between the speakers of my stereo (loud music was not allowed and there were no headphones) and dreamed. For hours. That’s why music for me is like the loving embrace of a mother, it gives me strength when I’m sad, it motivates me to keep going, it gives me (even more) energy when I’m in a good mood.

Live your dreams

But the most important thing for me – she is always there for me and never leaves me alone. In hours when I have felt alone, music has saved me. It always gives me the certainty of being safe, accepted and understood. And that is exactly what each of us needs and what makes each of us happy. And that is also my mission in singing: to pass on this feeling of security, love and affection, through my voice to my audience, to you. So that you can say afterwards: “Today I have really been musically embraced!” We are all meant to be love and light in the world – each in the way that is meant for him. And I would like to challenge all of you – fight for your dreams, live your dreams, carry your light into the world. She can never get enough of it.

Pearl Lovelight